I lost 72 pounds and my mom died. They say that money does not buy you happiness, because value does not come from things but from your own worth. Well, "fat" is a thing. When you lose it there is no magical transformation in your life. I do not know why we have been buying... Continue Reading →



Recently I have been experimenting with a new plan. Really it is an adjustment to my plan. MyLifesDevotion has been a constant companion in my life for over 7 years now. Sometimes it was more like a patient friend waiting for me to heal so we can hang out again. When I have had surgery,... Continue Reading →

Super “Role” Model

Many years ago I was struck by a story of a woman featured on The Oprah Winfrey Show who was in college, had 5 kids in college, her house burned down and she held 3 jobs. For all you fact checkers out there I am probably adding to this story's resume, maybe not though, she... Continue Reading →

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