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“Hold up lady! Didn’t we already do Yoga, isn’t that exercise enough?!?” 

Yoga is great and it has many physical health benefits however yoga is not only about getting fit. Yoga is a practice that begins and flows through the wholeness of the being. Exercise on the other hand is centered on physical well being with and mental benefits that accompany it. Try exploring it in these terms: yoga is a practice, exercise is a routine. That is not to say that someone who runs is not practicing the same premise of yoga. Some find running to bring about wholeness and unity in their lives. The beauty of yoga is that it is its own, and can be used in conjunction with exercise and the other way around.

Exercise is a highly individualized choice. If you are a follower of Carl G. Jung, or a follower of just about any news media twitter feed you know that we have different personality traits that motivate our behavior. Are you super organized and regimented? Are you bored easily? Are you an extrovert that is more successful with a partner or group setting? These characteristics although are not unique to us in general are very unique to our own day and choices we make.

Experiment, choose something new, or follow my simple routine here. There are multitudes of choices that are instantly available to you right now! With the wealth of information available on the internet it can be overwhelming. Choose 5 exercises that look like things you could do or might enjoy. Try them. If you don’t like them, well move on. Still not sure? Here are some questions that might help you determine what you like and don’t like:

Do you like to run?

Do you like weights?

Indoor or outdoor or both?

Do you have space at home?

How do you feel about a gym?

Are you more inclined to use a machine or your own body weight for resistance?


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