Water is the sustaining factor of life. We can go days without food but we can’t live without water. Drinking at least 8 oz 8 times a day has been the standard for a long time. I can’t even quote one specific origin of that recommendation because it is so widely referred to. But I did some online research and found this article By  and I think it is a great resource.  

Water is essential to life so finding ways to get your proper amount in requires trail and error. I have set 6 daily alarms on my phone with a pleasant ring tone to remind me to drink water. I set my alarms 3 hours apart. I have put a gallon of water on the counter and hoped to drink it; that didn’t work because I didn’t want to lug a gallon of water around when I left the house. I have worn rubber bands around my wrist and removed them as I drank a glass in hopes of having them all gone by nightfall. That trick doesn’t work well when you and your two daughters are in constant needs of hair ties. You have to play with what works for you.

I also contemplated how I like to drink water. I used to love the disposable water bottle but that just didn’t feel right with my spirit in regards to the environment. So I experimented. I found that I like to use straws. I don’t like flip top lids or anything that requires I open it before I drink. My solution is the double wall plastic cup with the reusable straw. I prefer the large Starbucks® one because it is big and I can get about 20 oz. in at a time. I also bought 3 of them to leave around my house as I work, clean, and move from room to room. You may be fine with one in your office, break area, bag, home, or maybe in the car. Just have water with you. Find your liquid niche by trying different types of containers. The key for me is to make an effort to drink and to keep track of it.

Don’t forget that coffee and tea are made from water and although they have other qualities they should be noted in daily consumption when you are journaling your health. Maybe you feel too jittery at a certain point; it may be too much caffeinated coffee. Maybe you need to introduce a soothing cup of decaffeinated hot tea into your nighttime routine. In the journal there are 4 cups to provide a guide but that does not mean you are limited.

Use the journal to mark your water and other beverage consumption daily. Make adjustments as you see fit.


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